Film title: mSakhi

Client: IntraHealth International

Production Company: Adlib Media Productions

mSakhi (sakhi means “a friend” in Hindi) is an open source Android application developed specifically for frontline health workers in India. It’s is an all-in-one job aid and electronic medical record system that replaces multiple paper-based tools and helps health workers gain access to the most up-to-date training and information in easy-to-understand, convenient formats that work for them.

With mSakhi, health workers such as India’s ASHAs—which stands for accredited social health activists—can use their smartphones to update skills, stay in touch with supervisors, and track and report crucial data about health issues in their communities. They can use the app to teach new parents how to protect their babies from infection or dehydration, how to breastfeed, and how to identify symptoms of serious illness. If a mother or baby needs medical attention, an ASHA can use mSakhi to quickly refer them to a doctor who can help.

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